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Air & Water Sterilization

Founded in 1991, CEC Technologies started with a vision to develop alternate water treatment solutions, and since then, the company has expanded its capabilities into enginneeing solutions for water, wastewater and air treatments. We have ozone systems that increase oxidation reactions by injecting pressurized ozone into fluids, otherwise impossible with traditional ozone injection methods. We use modern technologies to offer high-end air and water sterilization across industries. We have air purifications that incorporates UV and HEPA Technologies for a constantly treatment area in any room that is installed. We have successfully been instrumental in reducing the mold, bacteria and COVID within our customers’ treated areas.

Since the early 1980s, ozone manufacturers have been touting ozone as the perfect treatment technology for every water treatment application, regardless of the water composition. We have embraced the use of ozone by incorporating it into our water management program of chemical corrosion inhibition and scale inhibition dispersants.

Our modern-day solutions enable high oxidation/reduction potentials (ORP) and maintain them for extended periods. This allows ozone to be an efficient and economical biocide/bio-dispersant in cooling water applications, CIP disinfection, water sterilization, and a wastewater polish for BOD, COD, FOG, and other compounds.

We offer state-of-the-art air and water management programs for industrial, commercial, and institutional entities, helping them maintain low corrosion rates and improve operational efficiencies. Our solutions are custom-built to meet your sterilization needs and help you keep your space clean and hygienic.

Offer Clean & Healthy Air

Odors from chemicals, kitchen drains, tobacco and various micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses can grow in confined and busy facilities in the hospitality, industrial, commercial and even residential areas as well as sanitary facilities. Our air purification systems help keep the environment controlled and clean.

Bacteria & Allergen-free Environment

From fitness facilities to meeting rooms, hotel rooms, restaurants and food plants – Ozon air purification systems help maximize the effectiveness and energy by providing a clean environment free of bacteria, viruses and bad odor while minimizing maintenance and energy costs.

Minimize Health Issues & Costs

UVC/HEPA clean air technology works to control the various contaminants people are generally exposed to in educational institutions and public spaces alike. Most contaminants are generally too tiny to be removed by a standard HVAC system. A proper process to control the pollutants helps minimize health issues and additional maintenance costs.

Communicable Disease Control

UVC/filtration systems are being used by medical, industrial and pharmacy facilities across America, helping filter the environment, typically for infection control, isolation, and communicable disease control. The systems help remove the fine airborne pollutants, remove fine dust and maintain a clean room environment.


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