Food Plants

Food & Beverage Water Treatment

CEC Technologies has decades-long experience in purifying water before reusing or discharging it. We help clients manage wastewater correctly and meet strict purification and disinfection specifications. We use UV disinfection, carbon filtration, and membrane filtration to treat food and beverage water. Our high-end solutions ensure that you have the right water purification for your water and beverages.

Diverse Treatment Technologies

We have a range of solutions and techniques for treating water used in the food and beverage industry. Some of our processes include clarification, filtration, membrane filtration, biological treatment, disinfection, deionization, reverse osmosis, softening, and more. CEC Technologies is trusted by leading food and beverage companies. Our solutions are recognized in the industry for producing desired results within your budget.

Improve the Air your Team Breathes

We help you give back with better environmental practices. Our solutions enable your team members to be protected from COVD-19, Mold and bacteria throughout the working environment.

High-End Machinery

CEC Technologies uses high-end machinery and the latest technologies to treat wastewater in the food and beverage industry. Our solutions are industry-specific and cater to individual client needs. We invest in modern machinery and recognized solutions to give our clients the right value for the price. With a diverse industry experience, CEC Technologies helps you develop a competitive edge in the industry with environment-friendly processes.

Custom-Built Solutions

We don’t sell ready-made solutions to every client. Our products and solutions are customized according to every client’s need. Whether your struggle with solid waste removal or destroying harmful organisms, CEC Technologies has got the right solution for you. Our decades-long experience enables us to create client-specific solutions. With us, your wastewater gets the right treatment.


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